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Planning Drawings

Do you need planning drawings or building regulation plans for your house? This is the easiest way to create your house plans

You no longer have to wait for an architect and pay the high costs that come with using a traditional architect. Most proposals are relatively simple projects. With our expertise and software. We can, working with you, produce architectural plans for your home and obtain planning permission for a wide variety of proposals much quicker for you than an architect. Our drawings for planning permission come at a Low Fixed Cost from the Start. Instant online fixed quotation

Planning Drawings

What do I need for a Planning Application?

You will need a full set of architectural drawings for your house which include the existing and proposed drawings. All of our fixed quotations include a full set of architectural drawings for your application type.

Our quotations include the submission of the planning application to your local authority. We will complete all of the forms for you and then monitor the application on your behalf, keeping you updated through the process. This is a free optional extra. 

Maybe you have already submitted a planning application but the council have requested additional specific drawings. Please contact us for a custom quotation for the specific drawings you require.

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Pre-Application Advice

What is required for my planning application?

Building Regulation Drawings

Full Set of Building Regulation Drawings. Fixed Cost From the Start

UK Wide Service & Surveys

We cover the whole of the UK with our services. 

Building Regulation Applications

We can setup & monitor your Building Regulation Application

Planning Application Drawings

Full set of Planning Drawings. Fixed Cost From the Start!

Structural Calculations

We can prepare Structural Calculations for you if required

Planning Application Management & Setup

We can setup & monitor your Planning Application

Build-Over Agreements 

We can create drawings if your proposal is building on or near a sewer 

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Planning Drawings for any project!

Fixed Cost from the Start!

Why Choose Us?

There are many services you can find online to create planning drawings. They will also offer instant quotations. What sets us apart is the cost and quality. Our quotation form is simple and asks basic questions about your proposal.

  • We do not charge anything extra for setting up and submitting your planning application.

  • We do not charge you extra for completing additional planning application forms which take less than a minute to complete.

  • We do not charge your later for modifications, if required.

  • We do not have ANY 'Add on's'. The cost you receive is the cost you pay. 

We are a family business, part of Apex CAD Drawing & Planning LTD.

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