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Outline Planning Drawings

Are you looking at submitting a planning application to find out whether a proposed development is likely to be approved

Outline Planning Drawings

Outline Planning Drawings

An outline planning application is a way of finding out whether a planning application is likely to be approved by your local authority. These applications often created when someone is selling a property or plot of land. If the plot or property is sold with approved outline planning for development, this can increase the value of the land.

Outline planning drawings are required for outline planning applications. They are slightly different from standard planning applications as they don't need to be as detailed as a regular planning application and this type of application that allows several elements to be approved at a later stage known as reserved matters.

Planning Drawings Step by Step

Outline Planning Application

We have worked with many different clients creating outline planning applications. This ranges from new barns for agricultural land to new build houses. we have been involved in developments whereby somebody is splitting their land into a new plot and building a separate dwelling.

We have vast experience with outline planning applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements


Planning Drawings for any project!

Fixed Cost from the Start!

Why Choose Us?

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There are many services you can find online to create planning drawings. They will also offer instant quotations. What sets us apart is the cost and quality. Our quotation form is simple and asks basic questions about your proposal.

  • We do not charge anything extra for setting up and submitting your planning application.

  • We do not charge you extra for completing additional planning application forms which take less than a minute to complete.

  • We do not charge your later for modifications, if required.

  • We do not have ANY 'Add on's'. The cost you receive is the cost you pay. 

We are a family business, part of Apex CAD Drawing & Planning LTD.

Our Services

Pre-Application Advice

What is required for my planning application?

Building Regulation Drawings

Full Set of Building Regulation Drawings. Fixed Cost From the Start

UK Wide Service & Surveys

We cover the whole of the UK with our services. 

Building Regulation Applications

We can setup & monitor your Building Regulation Application

Planning Application Drawings

Full set of Planning Drawings. Fixed Cost From the Start!

Structural Calculations

We can prepare Structural Calculations for you if required

Planning Application Management & Setup

We can setup & monitor your Planning Application

Build-Over Agreements 

We can create drawings if your proposal is building on or near a sewer 

Our Work

Here you can browse our recent work. We are updating this continuously. If you would like to see other projects then please contact us

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