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Extension Plans - Do I need to use an Architect?

Do I need Architects Extension Plans for an Extension Planning Application

Extension Plans
Extension Plans

In this blog we will explain what Architects Extension Plans are (actually - we will explain why this is not really the correct term). This guide will provide you with all the information required to create Extension Planning Drawings and to submit a Planning Application for an Extension.

We are a team of technicians from We are a low cost alternative to an architect. We create planning drawings for extensions online at the fraction of the cost of an architect. You can find out more about our extension planning drawings here or to get an idea on how much Extension Planning drawings will cost you can get an instant quote

Architects Extension Plans

So, what are architects extension plans?

This is not actually the correct term. Many years ago if you were planning to construct an extension to your house you word seek the services of an architect. They would then put together a set of hand drawings showing the proposed design. they are not called architects drawings. They are architectural drawings. There are many different projects that require architectural drawings not only for planning applications.

Architect (not us :) )

Technology has evolved the time of architects created hand drawings for projects. The time it takes to modify any design changes on hand drawings would not only increase the time it takes to create the drawings but the amount of money you pay for their services. architects are not the only people who create drawings.

A lot of homeowners believe that they need to use an architect when it comes to home improvements particularly extensions. This is not the case, since the cost of an architect is around 20% of the overall build cost. homeowners are looking for alternatives.

Do I need an Architect to create Extension Planning Drawings?

Directions should always be short and to the point.

Absolutely not, class mentioned previously it is not a requirement for you too seek the services of an architect. When it comes to drawing up extension plans or extension planning drawings. There are a few paths you can go down:

  1. Actually decide to use an architect. Please be aware that the cost for this could be 20% of the overall budget and will easily run into the £1000's.

  2. Use an architectural technologist.

  3. DIY - it is possible for anyone to put together drawings that are compliant for a planning application for an extension. However, it's all so at risk for you to go alone.

  4. Use - I know this is a plug but let me explain..

We are a online service that provides extension plans to homeowners all over the UK. We are a long alternative to an architect. All of our drawings come at a low fixed price cost from the start. You can see our work here or get an instant fixed quote here.

Do I need extension plans for a planning application?

Yes, when submitting a planning application for an extension you must include extension plans. The UK government has set out guidelines for what needs to be provided when applying for planning permission for an extension. As explained above these do not need to be created by an architect, for simple projects.

In short, the extension plans you would need to provide to the council would be;

  • Location Plan.

  • Block Plan.

  • Floor Plans.

  • Elevation Plans.

This is the minimum that would be required to satisfy a plan application for an extension in the UK.

Once you have had these extension plans created. It is time to submit your application to your local authority. You can do this by downloading the paperwork from your pencils website or by using the planning portal website. This website allows homeowners to submit planning applications for councils across the UK and Wales. If you are located in Scotland you would have to use the E-Planning website which is pretty much the same as the planning portal website.

Check out our upcoming blog about how to use the planning portal.

What about building regulation plans for an extension?

It is highly likely that your extension will need building regulation approval regardless if it is a permitted development. Permitted development rights do not have anything to do with building standards. I will upcoming blog we'll talk about building regulation extension plans in more detail. If you have any questions in the meantime you can reach out to us.

Extension Plans - A Summary

There are a number of ways to create your extension plans. An architect is definitely an option out there but not necessarily the best option.

Our advice would be if you are looking for a complicated design then it would probably be better to go with an architect. Designs like this take a lot longer than your average home extension.

However, if you're looking for a standard extension to your house be it a single storey extension, double story extension or wrap around extension you don't need to use an architect.

Extension Plans Online

This is just one in a long list of extension plans that we create here at We support our clients from initial drawings stage all the way to approval at a Low Fixed Costs from the Start!

You can view more information about extension plans here. You can also find more information about planning drawings on our website.

We pride ourselves on creating low-cost planning drawings for extensions. Quick, Easy and Completely Online. if you have any questions about your project, please contact us or obtain a fixed quote here

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