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Extension Plans - Single Storey Kitchen Extension

Updated: Feb 20, 2023 recently gained approval for a single Storey extension for our client Mr O'Hanlon based within the Elmsbridge Council Area.

Extension Plans
Extension Plans

Step 1 - Send us the information for your Extension Plans

After you receive a quotation for extension planning drawings for us. You will receive an information pack. This outlines exactly what we need.

Our client had chosen a company who make prefabricated extensions. He was provided drawings by the manufacturer which he forwarded on to us. This allowed to start gather all the dimensions for the extension itself.

When creating extension plans for a planning application. You have a choir to provide a full set of plans which include the existing property.

When our client purchased his property, he had old architectural drawings that were created in the 1980s. Our client kindly scanned and sent these through to us.

As with all applications we ask you to send as many photographs of the property from different angles as possible. This allows us to envisage your proposal as well as using this as a reference was creating your drawings.

Step 2 - Creation of you Extension plans

Once all the information was provided, we reviewed all the information to ensure that we had everything we need. This includes the measurements that were discussed in Step 1 along with photographs of the property.

As mentioned previously our client sent us through old architectural drawings created in the 1980s along with drawings provided by the manufacturer of the prefabricated extension. The existing property drawing format is not what we use so we use these as a base to redraw them into our system ensuring the scale is correct

We then worked away in the background creating all the planning drawings required for an extension application. This includes.

- Location plan.

- Block plan.

- Existing and Proposed Ground and First Floor.

- Existing and Proposed External Elevations.

We have created another blog which goes into planning drawings in more detail. This includes what is actually included on a planning drawing as well as the scales required. We will come back to the creation of these planning application drawings later in this blog.

Step 3 - Receive your Extension Plans

I want extension plans can be created in 14 days. This is our standard turnaround time. We do have an express service for urgent projects or invalid applications.

All of Mr O'Hanlon's extension plans were created in accordance with UK government planning regulations in terms of sheet size, scale and level of detail. All have of these drawings were provided at a Low Fixed Cost from the Start! You can get an instant quotation from us anytime.

Step 4 - Submit your Extension Plans to the council.

When the drawings have been approved by our client, it is time to set up the planning application. As with all of our quotes we can set up and submit the planning application on your behalf. We can then liaise with the council with any issues (if any) that you may have. it is important to remember that all modifications are included in your original quotation. Unlike many other Technicians and Architects, we will never charge any more than our initial quote.

Once all the information is provided the council will validate the application. we have more information on this on one of our other blogs.

We then be aged with the council acting as an agent on the planet application for our client until approval was secured.

Extension Plans Online

This is just one in a long list of extension plans that we create here at We support our clients from initial drawings stage all the way to approval at a Low Fixed Costs from the Start!

You can view more information about extension plans here. You can also find more information about planning drawings on our website.

We pride ourselves on creating low-cost planning drawings for extensions. Quick, Easy and Completely Online. if you have any questions about your project, please contact us or obtain a fixed quote here

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